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Private Club Radio

Jul 8, 2019

So your club drafted an emergency preparedness plan, now what? On this episode, Frank McCathran of Omnilert discussess:

  • Why clubs implement emergency notification systems.
  • The history and the applicability to private clubs - including recent incidents.
  • The recognized crises, hazards, and exposures clubs face.
  • The ROI debate in implementing safety solutions.
  • Compliance requirements to warn.
  • How it works and how clubs should be alerting their people.
  • Best practices to warn by aligning your emergency action & response plan.

About Frank:

Frank, as well as other members of Omnilert, have worked within the club industry for over a decade helping clubs implement innovative safety technologies. He has spent the better part of his career overseeing emergency alerting & notification solution implementations at thousands of country clubs, educational institutions, venues, and professional sports & recreational facilities. Frank’s passion for life safety extends into his personal life as he volunteers his time to organizations with the mission of providing severe weather safety, preparedness, & awareness information to the public.

In the club space, his personal mission extends to educating the industry on how to effectively communicate emergency, life safety, & crisis situations to their employees, members, & guests. During a crisis is not the time to plan communications. The goal is to prepare our Customers for the most important minute of a crisis - from beginning to end.