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Private Club Radio

Mar 4, 2019

On this episode we chat with Dean Wochaski and Bill Nauroth of Golf Maintenance Solutions. Dean & Bill will discuss their top agronomy tips for greens committees. After this episode, you'll be better prepared to tackle the BIG questions that always arise in those meetings. 

You'll learn how to look at the golf course through the eyes of the superintendent. We also chat about how you can better set expectations for the club. 

If you haven't had an agronomy plan at your club, you'll probably want to get right to work on one after you hear what Dean and Bill have to say. 

What's the biggest capital expense when it comes to agronomy at a club? You'll find out during our discussion. 

Founded in 2003, Golf Maintenance Solutions (GMS) offers a unique combination of expertise covering all facets of golf course maintenance, including agronomy programming, irrigation, equipment maintenance, business management, leadership development, environmental practices and construction project management.

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