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Private Club Radio

Oct 7, 2019

Learn how to write the perfect resume for your next job. CMAA’s official resume writer and the newest addition to the Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace team will show you how on this week’s episode.

We’ll find out what some of the more common faux pas are when writing a resume. You’ll learn what club employers are looking for in their next candidates and how you can show them that in your resume.

Michelle unlocks the secrets to creating the right marketing tools for your career. You'll also learn how to put your best foot forward with your resume and more.

About Michelle: Michelle has built a successful career management firm that specializes in personal career marketing, outplacement, and soft skills training. For over 25 years, Michelle has leveraged her skills as a Human Resources Executive, Executive Recruiter, Career Marketing Strategist, Trainer, and Speaker to serve individuals and companies across multiple industries. She is no stranger to the hospitality industry as her early career through college significantly exposed her to front of the house restaurant operations, and she has worked with hundreds of managers in the industry, helping them to refine their skills and presentation of credentials.

Michelle was introduced to the Club Management Association of America nearly 10 years ago and is their official resume writer, offering her time during annual conferences to assist members and students at annual symposiums. She is a regular speaker at CMAA conferences and chapter education meetings and built strong industry relationships.

Learn more about Michelle here:

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