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Private Club Radio

May 18, 2020

Today’s guest is Kathy O’Neal, a 25 year veteran in the club industry, known for her specialty work in member enrollment and member retention through programming, communication and involvement with members in our private clubs.

We discuss Kathy's thoughts on  the impact on membership – both enrollments and resignations. 

Kathy provide 8 "R" words to remember: 

  • Reality of Crisis
  • Relationship of clubs with their members
  • Rebound – how do we get this started and what are our
  • members thinking/feeling?
  • Reengage – using the research findings to help get our members back and using the club
  • Relevance – now, more than ever, relevant programming in all club areas is important
  • Retention – all efforts to get members to reengage and get involved will assist with retention
  • Recruitment – these same efforts will also assist with increased recruitment as members share their club
  • Recovery – all of the things discussed above will make recovery easier and faster

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