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Private Club Radio

Jan 14, 2019

Frank Benzakour joins us to share his insights and expertise on superior management which he’s complied in his new book, 12 Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence. We discuss three principles from the book and much more.


Frank is a Cornell MBA graduate and has 25 years of Hospitality experience serving as COO of several prestigious country clubs in the Metropolitan chapter. Benzakour ‘s business acumen includes strategic planning, financial management and implementing short and long-range business plans.

From the book - With twenty-five-plus years of experience in the hospitality industry, I wrote this book to share my hands-on know-how with these twelve winning business strategies. They go far beyond the standard curriculum taught in hospitality or business schools. Each of these twelve keys is somewhat different than what most people would think about. Together, the twelve golden keys make a potent management formula. They are vital to successfully managing an operation, and applicable to any businesses, though in the book I emphasize the hospitality industry because it is my background. Still, as we all know, everything in business is about the people formula. At the end of the day, every business is in human resources—in the management of people and how to deal with them.

In business schools, they tell you the three important factors are people, process, and products. So, if you focus on people you develop process, then you begin working on products. But this book presents other perspectives. I think it will be an eye-opener for many business leaders, who by applying these twelve different business strategies can become winners in their field.