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Private Club Radio

Feb 3, 2020

On this episode, Joe Trauger of the National Club Association joins us to discuss legislation impacting clubs around the country. Find out what the NCA is focused on in the coming year. 

Joe also discusses the Iowa Caucuses and the election outlook. 

Learn more about the NCA at 

Later on the show....

The Golf Digest Hot List is the most extensive equipment review that is published right at the beginning of the new golf season (2019 list for reference.)

Two editors that lead in creating Hot List, Mike Johnson and Mike Stachura join us to discuss the process. 

The road to the hot list is particularly interesting – over 100 days of testing, thousands of air travel miles, 30,000+ shots taken, several hundred clubs, a group of PHDs that evaluate the final data/studies and much more (stats above to be confirmed).

As Mike & Mike have done early testing of the full range of 2020 equipment, they’ve identified some very interesting trends, in addition to what the individual brands are saying.

The 2020 list will also include a new feature that asks users a few questions pertaining to their game and then recommends the best fits within each club category.

See this year's Hot List here: